The Grenada Cultural Foundation was formed in 1998. The objectives of the Foundation are to assist in:-


  1. To assist in the formulation of National Cultural Policy.
  2. To stimulate, develop and promote cultural artistic capabilities and expressions of the Grenadian people.
  3. To provide the necessary managerial and organizational infrastructure for the efficient and effective development, presentation and marketing of Grenada's cultural industries and products.
  4. To develop, maintain and manage all cultural facilities and equipment provided by the Government.
  5. To play a substantial role in the organization and production of the annual carnival festival with the objective of making it a viable national, cultural and commercial enterprise.
  6. To organise and produce other festivals, celebrations and events.
  7. To assist in the setting up of a cultural information system.
  8. To facilitate ongoing research and documentation of cultural history of Grenada with the objective of preserving and conserving the cultural heritage.
  9. To provide the necessary support and facilities to assist persons interested in the development of cultural expressions.
  10. The Grenada Cultural Foundation enacted by the Wueen's most excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the senate and the House of Representatives and by the authority of the same.


The Foundation is guided by a Board and that Board should consist of no less than seven (7) and not more than eleven (11) members appointed by the Minister from the following:-


A- The Tourism Section

B- The Carnival Development Committee

C- The Grenada Conference of Churches

D- The Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce

E- The Ministry of Education

F- The Ministry of Finance

G- The Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and Community Development

H- Non Governmental organizations

I- The Chief Cultural Officer and such other persons as the Minister considers appropriate

The Minister shall appoint a Chairman and a Deputy Chair from amongst the persons appointed. The Minister may designate a public officer to be the Secretary to the Board.

The Board may establish Committees for the purpose of assisting it in carrying out its functions. The Board shall formulate policy and goals in order to achieve the objectives of the foundation and shall perform such other functions as prescribed by this act.