St. Andrew, Grenada: 22 October 2014 Drumming at Mama Cannes

Drumming classes commenced this week at the Mama Cannes Community Centre even whilst the centre is under construction. On October 15th Hon. Emmalin Pierre hosted a brief Ceremony to hand over the drums to the community and officially launch this project. Classes commenced Monday 20th October and will be held on 2 evenings in each week.

The drumming project caters for a maximum of 20 participants and seeks to train members of the Mama Cannes Community to play traditional drums using basic hand patterns for starters, folk, calypso, soca and native rhythms, caring for drums and basic maintenance and repairs to drums. It is hoped that the Drumming Project will promote cultural heritage and provide local traditional band support to cultural events in the area.

Reigning Calypso Monarch Edson ‘Ajamu’ Mitchell attended and addressed the launch and emphasized his joy at seeing the project coming into fruition in the community. Ajamu is also in the process of designing several programs for musical and social development in the area.

The Honourable MP for the St. Andrew South East, Mrs. Emmalin Pierre spoke of the drumming programme as the first of several community development initiatives that will be pioneered for the constituency through the Mama Cannes Community Centre. She indicated that she is not waiting for the centre to be finished for programs to start but in addition to the drums, books are already on hand to establish a library and she is actively seeking computers for the computer room.

She urged the community to care for the drums, use them for the purpose intended and to teach the art of drumming to the children of the area. Many people, including Mrs. Pierre’s own children, took turns to play basic beats on the drums.